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Stephen Conroy: 2010 “Gift Horse” Acrylic Stain: Art that I Like

This past Saturday 25-Sept 2010, I visited Kistamassan Konstnärernas, which is an event center that hosted an Art Show. I viewed beautiful works of art and sculptures as well as some ‘rather’ interesting items. From time to time, I will highlight other artist’s installation at the show that either I love, like, or perplexed me in some way.


Showcasing the first artist, Stephen Conroy, residing in Gamleby Sweden, south of Stockholm nearer the larger town called Linköping, but southeast on the shore. The cost of a piece the size of 58X58cm is 5,500 sek (approximately €550). View his website at: http://www.conroyart.com. Don’t get him confused with the well known Scotland born Stephen Conroy, (eventho the artist, I’m featuring is UK born as well), (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Conroy_(artist)) the contemporary Scottish figurative painter, whom was borned in the town of Helensburgh in 1964 and studied at the Glasgow School of Art between 1982 and 1987.

I had a chance to talk with Stephen this Saturday, to understand his technique of Acrylic stain on Linen Canvas. If you look closely (in person), you can see the pencil outline of the drawing. His method is to use an acrylic rubber to trace the sketched outline, afterwards he uses Acrylic Stain or just a regular stain (I don’t remember). The final stage is to remove the acrylic like rubber where he wants to reveal his work of art.

On his website, I prefer these types of pieces over the others, however, art speaks to people individually. My personal impression gives me the feeling of bordering on the technique of certain watercolors that bleed effectively with intricate detail. If you happen to like his style, please do not hesitate to contact at info@conroyart.com

Titled: Gift Horse, acrylic stain on Linen Canvas.


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