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Vermeer: The Milkmaid: Art that I love

17th Century Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer

On loan at The Metropolitan Museum of Art from the Rijksmusem until November 29, and a small exhibition is created around this piece.

Johannes Vermeer has been one of the most admired and influential European painter whom’s reputation for beautiful renderings of illusionistic color and light. The Milkmaid is a small oil featuring a humble woman going about her daily routine. Another familiar work of Vermeer is the Girl with the Pearl Earring. Both are set apart with the glow of optical, highly cinematic sheen, as if they were lifted out from a movie reel. This is largely the reason so many art experts believe Vermeer was greatly indebted to the images produced by the camera obscura.

Vermeer - The Milkmaid

The Milkmaid

In most of his paintings there is an altering of light and dark, nearness and depth to create the illusion of heft. He adds the minutia details such as the chip glass in the window. Artfully composed with photograph-like quality. Remember, don’t confuse or put him in the same category with today’s Photo realism.

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