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I’m astounded, why America haven’t foregone the precious paper checks. When my husband visited the “States”, in 2001, he couldn’t understand why people were writing checks for groceries or bills. He was especially dumbfounded, when my internet banking didn’t have an electronic connection to certain payers, such as condo fees and etc, and sent paper […]

I waited for all of the votes to be counted (forgive the the absence of the graphical view (that I promised in my earlier post, the one I’d preferred is no longer available.  There is a table below for the interested parties)).  However, I want my non Swedes to know, that some natives or their parties may not […]

I must admit, understanding Swedish politics is quite a difficult task. With over 240 different local, municipal and country wide parties, its hard to keep it straight (http://www.val.se/det_svenska_valsystemet/partier/lista_registrerade_partibeteckningar/index.html).  Hopefully I have a handle on what I understand after this historical election year and learn more of the details and intricacies by the time I’m eligible […]